Help needed at Stride

In my first post I referenced the flood this past June. Some people got hit hard – I know this because I helped frequently in High River. One of those groups hit hard was Stride Gallery.

To give you an idea how hard they got hit, watch this video – see

In this video, Stride Gallery is visible between 0:13 and 0:25 and off and on right through to the end of the 45 second video. With a river flowing down the street outside their front door, it is little wonder that their basement was fully submerged. As a result their archives, publications and records were seriously compromised. It is very sad, as Stride is a long-standing artist run centre in the city and has an active exhibition programme.

Calgary is an amazing city with a fantastic willingness to volunteer. As always in an emergency situation people stepped up to help those that need it. They also got some help from the good folks at cSPACE who graciously allowed them temporary usage of space at the King Edward School which is under construction for development as an arts incubator.

Now Stride needs help again.

Late this afternoon, Stride sent a press release to ask for help. They need a new home – and they could probably also use some money too.  This is part of what they sent today.

* * * * *

Due to extensive damage caused by the recent flooding in Calgary, Stride is unable to occupy the gallery’s 1004 Macleod Trail SE location for 3 to 6 months. Stride is seeking temporary affordable or donated office and/or exhibition space in an effort to maintain programming commitments through in the fall. There is a possibility for long-term occupancy.

Please visit for more information on Stride Gallery. Information on volunteering and financial donations can also been found on the website.

Please contact Larissa Tiggelers, the Gallery Director, if you wish to assist the organization or have space available for temporary use.

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