Will there be liftoff?

RocketShip (1024x683)

This afternoon I visited the 40 foot high Raygun Gothic Rocket which was developed by Five Ton Crane, a team from Oakland, California.

It is possible to visit inside and check out the amazing command centre inside.  It is something that if you have children, or grandchildren – or you are a kid at heart – you definitely should investigate.  There are three levels inside the space ship and guides available inside and out to answer questions.

Find it at the launch site located at 1325 – 1 Street SW this weekend ONLY.

It is open from noon to 8:00pm Wednesday-Friday; 10:00am – midnight on Saturday; and 10:00am – 5:00pm on Sunday during Beakerhead.

For more info about Beakerhead visit http://beakerhead.org

2 comments on “Will there be liftoff?

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