Give a heart to AGC

AGCHeart (1024x683)


The Art Gallery of Calgary just can’t seem to get a break lately.

Like every other scandal-related development at the AGC in the past few years, Fast Forward Weekly broke the story of another lawsuit that has been filed involving the AGC.  This continues still more fallout from the Valerie Cooper fiasco and other related issues.

This is not a new story.

It has only taken a while for this one to develop into a lawsuit.

This issue raised its head publicly at the Art Gallery of Calgary Annual Meeting held in early November 2012.  This issue was deeply divisive and based on this lawsuit, it would appear the issues raised then, were not resolved in the interim.

According to FFWD this morning, the lawsuit alleges, “misappropriation of funds, unjust enrichment, and breach of contract, trust and fiduciary duty.”  Named defendants are the gallery itself, at least one member of the board, one in the executive suite and others.

This after recent comments that were made two weeks ago involving it and MOCA-Calgary.

My heart goes out to the employees of AGC who must still carry on and continue the business of operating the gallery while this contentious issue continues to swirl around causing further disruption on many levels.  I empathise with the staff and can fully understand what they are going through, more than many will ever know.

It is my wish that the AGC will soon be able to move past this lawsuit and focus on the business of doing its business.

October 16 edit:
For more info on the AGC Heart follow this link.

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