The Amazon Mystery Continues

Stephen_Mag_May_2013_Amazon_Sculpture__Photo (1024x683)

This afternoon when searching for something else, I stumbled across a blog post that the Calgary Public Library posted about a month ago in December in their Community Heritage and Family History blog – entitled Whatever Happened to the Amazon Sculpture?

It is about the mystery of a missing piece of public sculpture once located in the city, and originally situated a little over 100 years ago. 

The public library article draws from something that I wrote about the Amazon sculpture almost a year ago for a magazine called Stephen (see page 31). It is always nice to receive their acknowledgement for the previous work that I have done, especially since there was a lot of unpaid research undertaken to write that article.

Without going into further detail, all I will state is that the new issue of Stephen that covers the period January-April 2014 should be released within the week if all goes as planned.

I understand from the editor, there will be two articles in that issue about the Amazon sculpture.

One will be a first-hand account of some sort written by a lady who lived across the street from South Mount Royal Park whom I have met, along with some photos dating from the time she lived there.  In addition there will also be an article written by myself.

So in that context, what is the fun of it, if I let others know what is contained in a hard-copy written form before it is published?  We have waited something like a half-century to find out.  What is a few more days. 

Watch for the new issue as there could potentially be some answers in it.

3 comments on “The Amazon Mystery Continues

  1. Christine Hayes says:

    Hi, I am Christine from the Central Library. I am the Community Heritage and Family History blogger. I have been waiting for the next article in the series. I was going to do a second post on the Amazon to let people know that the article was available. I will watch for it.

  2. Hi Christine. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Just so that you are aware, the electronic version of Stephen magazine is now available as of today, so I suspect the hard-copy should be available tomorrow. You can read the comments and see photographs from a family scrapbook dating from 1939, view using this link on pages 28 and 29 – see

    Should have any questions or require clarification for your follow-up blog post please let me know.

  3. […] Recently I talked about a blog post written by Christine Hayes from the Calgary Public Library which referenced a previous article that I wrote last Spring which was published by Stephen magazine. The follow-on story is located here on pages 29 and 30. […]

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