An early look at the High Performance Rodeo troupe

Red-Dress-Journey-and-Other-Dances-High-Performance-Rodeo-1986 (1024x683)

Tonight I made a special trip to visit my personal archives.  While rooting around trying to find a couple old things that I was looking for, I happened to come across an old magazine I knew that I had, but had forgotten where I put it in one of my recent moves.

It is a rather interesting magazine as it was glossy and covered the arts in Calgary.  As best I can determine it had a very low circulation and was active during the mid to late-1980s.  It was called Last Issue.  This was the Winter 1987 issue (based on what is inside it is the 1986/1987 issue).

The High Performance Rodeo ends this Saturday, the first day of February.  It also is the 28th iteration of the Rodeo.  As I opened the magazine to investigate what was inside, I found an image on the inside front cover which lists a lot of people involved with the High Performance Rodeo.

One Yellow Rabbit and the High Performance Rodeo both have their roots in dance.  Here, the University of Calgary, Faculty of Physical Education was doing an inter-disciplinary sponsorship of this young troupe of performers, in a three day performance entitled Red Dress Journey and other dances during the year that the High Performance Rodeo was formed.

It is interesting seeing the names Denise Clarke, Anne Flynn, Blake Brooker, Ronnie Burkett, Richard McDowell & Infradig together with Lisa Doolittle, Murray Marshall, Vicki Moreland and Terri Willoughby.  What a great group of people who all played a role in forming the High Performance Rodeo.

This occured when things were just starting to happen for the two organizations.  Kudos for the Faculty of Physical Education for the foresight to recognize this group for it was to become, way back in 1986 before the Olympic Arts Festival brought culture and sport together.  These type of partnerships are always interesting to see.

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