Sorel Etrog sculptures in Calgary

Sorel-Etrog-Sadko-And-Kabuki-at-Bow-Valley-Square-Calgary-August-18-2013 (1024x683)

Late last month the Toronto-based sculptor Sorel Etrog passed away.

There is a story I have been wanting to write since last summer when the Art Gallery of Ontario hosted a major retrospective of his work. Sorel Etrog is an important artist to Calgary and the public art that is shown here. His importance to the Calgary community has been largely overlooked – which in my opinion is unfortunate.

Because of the obituary I read in the Toronto Star (I don’t think any other major news outlet covered the story outside of something in Canadian Art), I started writing something about Etrog’s importance to Calgary as I have stated above. The piece I have used to illustrate this blog post has been previously added to the map which was part of the Art Gallery of Ontario show, which is an excellent resource.

It was going to be a quick 500 words (maybe 1000 if I got long-winded, which I sometimes do). But then I got busy. Was hardly home for over a week straight. Then when I got down to writing something I realized that it needed to be much more scholarly than what I originally planned.

Either way, I see that my blog has been going this way lately anyways, with annotations and notes on many of my more recent entries. It means that it is much more work than just a simple blog post. I guess it is just the way I am. I had a former boss who criticised me once by telling me that I am working in a commercial gallery, not a museum. The work I have always shown has always been this way. I have always tried to show work of merit and quality, and not always work that is easily salable. But I digress.

So I have been thinking what to do about this. My original 500 words is now 3000 words and I am not even close to being done. It will probably end up being in the neighbourhood of 5000+ words.

This all has started to foment thought. It had already begun earlier when I wrote about Jordi Bonet mural; the Amazon sculpture; Anne and Patrick Poirier’s sculpture; even the Banksy mural story; and a few other shows of note. So it got me wondering.

Why blog?

Especially when making a research-based post, which may just go away if the host changes or whatever. Why not publish instead? So that is where I am thinking I will be taking this story about Sorel Etrog, Calgary public art and his influence on it – or whatever the story ends up being – based on my research findings.

This will allow me to take my time that I will require to make a thoughtful and well-researched essay. Then I can focus on the other smaller things that pique my interest like Yvonne Mullock’s show at Pith Gallery; Douglas Bentham’s show at C2 (Contemporary Calgary at the old Triangle/MOCA-Calgary space); or the many other shows of merit that have been happening around town lately. Or maybe even something completely different instead.

I will blog again with more information when the Sorel Etrog publication is ready (in whatever form that may take).

It probably will be self-published in some form. I hope to have something in the next month or so.


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