YYC Arts Plan at City Council


Tomorrow is a somewhat important date in the arts for Calgary.

Why, do you ask?

City Council will be reviewing the newly prepared YYC Arts Plan (a.k.a. Living a Creative Life) as agenda item number 6.2 and Council will make a decision on next steps and whether to approve the Arts Plan as presented. So far the feedback has been positive, but as always when dealing with the political process, as the saying goes, it is usually best to NOT count chickens before they are hatched.

A case in point is the long-awaited Calgary Film Studio proposal (formerly known as the Alberta Creative Hub) which is the next item for Council to discuss after the Arts Plan. It has had a long-history of being on, then off, then on again, then off again, then back on again – I might be exaggerating a wee bit, but you get the point. This time it sounds like it may actually happen, but I digress.

Back to the YYC Arts Plan. This is one of the outcomes of the Calgary 2012 initiatives which came as a result of being named one of two final Cultural Capitals of Canada. This process has been spearheaded by Calgary Arts Development Authority. It has involved a year-long process (probably longer – truth be known) that has involved consultation with arts administrators, artists, general public and other interested parties.

The Arts Plan calls for a focus on five key areas (with their proposed intentions and objectives):

  • Creative Communities – Calgary’s communities enjoy access to a rich spectrum of arts experiences.
  • Centre City Arts District – Calgary’s Centre City radiates creative energy from the core out, making it a destination for Calgarians and visitors alike.
  • Arts Incubation – Calgary strongly attracts artistic talent to live, work and achieve artistic excellence.
  • Artistic Exchange – world-class city because its artists, arts organizations and presenters import and export the highest quality of work on regional, national and international markets.
  • Youth & Education – Calgary’s youth become highly engaged and innovative citizens as they connect with their communities through the arts

It will be interesting to see what the outcome of the City Council meeting will be tomorrow. It also will be interesting to see, if approved, how the implementation of this plan will impact (or change) the Calgary arts community and what new opportunities and challenges will come as a result.

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