Nearly one year of progress

Lawn_ready_for_planting_ 2014_June_02 (1024x683)

Almost a year ago I started writing in this blog.

It was something that I started thinking about while bended over with shovel in hand and trying to figure out what form I should take the significant research on Calgary arts organizations, spaces and places, I had done up to that time and subsequently.

* * *

My first post on this blog last August was about gardening. I had just started preparing the last part of my yard that needed significant change after working at least a month without a single day off of 12-16 days until I was laid off, working mostly in High River trying to restore a sense of normalcy to the community that was deeply affected by the flood.

I started with a loose idea that I wanted to put in flowers, but as time progressed it became more obvious that I wanted to create a large flower garden and get rid of all the grass altogether. I also restored the depleted nutrients in the soil with composted material when doing this. I still have a small part of the lawn under the tree that still needs to be done, but the hardest part of my project is now complete and ready to plant.

The part that I never properly anticipated was that there is a very large tree with a well-developed root system close to the surface. This meant that I had to go much slower than planned. I had to use a shovel and do a little bit at a time whenever I had a block of time available that I could devote to this task whenever the weather was nice.

When I started digging in this part of the yard, it was mostly covered in grass that was spotty, probably was neglected, and not doing all that well. Something definitely needed to be done.

Under the grass there was rocky soil and construction waste as the place underwent a significant restoration before I moved here. In amongst that waste was accumulated broken bottles, wine glasses, beer bottles, dishes, clothespins, a few pennies and other waste that was never cleared properly over the past 100 years or so that this property has been occupied.

As I stated in my initial posting:

I have been digging in my garden for years. . . It is hard work that is often unrewarding. But, like many things in life, hard work is often a necessary element to create the conditions for future success.

What visible reminder I have to show for all this hard work, is a vast collection of rocks. Big, small and everything in between. It is not really a collection I want to keep, but it reminds me of the progress that comes from doing all this back-breaking work over the past couple years.

Pile_of_big_rocks_from_lawn_2014_June_02 (1024x683)

Now I can plant.

I am going to put in a collection of various wild flowers. It should keep the bees, butterflies and birds happy this summer and put a smile on the face of people walking past. More importantly it will make me happy too.

Now if only that same dedication I have put into this and other areas of my life would pay off to the same extent. I am still looking for that full-time sales professional or arts administration/consultant position. Finding it is long-overdue.


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