Garage Sale at the Firefighter’s Museum this weekend

Firefighters_Museum_of_Calgary_display_at_Stampede_Grounds_2014 (1024x683)

Last week during Stampede I happened upon the temporary Firefighter’s Museum display near the newly opened Agricultural Building (or whatever it is now called).

If it wasn’t for a conversation that I had with one of the ladies connected to the Chinook Guild of Fibre Artists earlier in the day, and a couple percheron horses that were enjoying the sunshine, which distracted me (apparently ADHD was a factor that day as I had somewhere else to go that afternoon). I probably would have walked on by and not even known that the museum was temporarily located there, for ten days, between the two buildings (see photo above).

I am glad that I did.

I had a very nice visit with one of the staff members and I am sure that I will be back once they have settled into their new home. Like lots of new developments in Calgary the new site for the museum is currently under construction. They are scheduled to open their doors to a new museum in 2015.


I am not 100% sure.

On Edit, I received an email response from Shannon at the Firefighters Museum on July 18. She stated the following:

In your post you asked where the museum will be set up in 2015. The gallery spaces at 4124 – 11 Street SE are under construction, and when construction is finished we’ll be right back at that same location. The archives are currently open by appointment for researchers – any questions can be forwarded to (info @


The reason for this post is to let people know that the Firefighter’s Museum is hosting a garage sale – tomorrow (Saturday, July 19). Notable amongst these items are a fire truck, a fire hose and a fire hydrant as disclosed in the photo below.

Firefighters_Museum_of_Calgary_July_event_signage_at_Calgary_Stampede_2014 (1024x683)

The boy that is still very much alive in me thinks that it would be amazing to own any of these items.

I am sure I am not alone.

Could you image how awesome it would be to cruise the streets in a vintage fire truck, pull up at a red light beside a Ferrari, Maserati or a Lotus and gun the engine with the racing face on!!

That would be fantastic!!!

Even if we got left in the dust.

Unfortunately, there is no indication where the garage sale is to take place on the Firefighter’s Museum website.

However, it would appear that the folks at the Museum were actually on the ball about this.

They let the people know at Swerve (the magazine included in today’s Calgary Herald) know. As seen here on the Swerve site, there is even a handy-dandy map to show you how to get there. Or you can take my general directions, which is to say it is somewhere in the area around the Silver Dollar Action Centre, between Blackfoot and Ogden Road around 42 Avenue.

The funds raised will help the Museum in its operations, so I am sure they would also be happy to accept a straight donation as well. If you want to read more about what the museum does, read their blog here.


The hours for the sale are 10:00am-3:00pm

At 4124 – 11 Street SE



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