Festive and edible sculptures at the Hyatt

Gingerbread_House_in_the_lobby_of_the_Hyatt_Hotel_Calgary_Dec_01_2014 (1024x767)

I am sure most are aware of the expression, “don’t play with your food.” I suspect every mother has said it to their kids at one time or another.

Today of course, being the first of December, it is not overly surprising to see seasonal decorations.

Earlier this afternoon I happened to find myself in the lobby of the Hyatt downtown. The Hyatt has a lot of art in the lobby area, which is generally western focused. Many of the artists on display show at the Stampede every (or most) years.

What caught my interest today was something else.

There was a very large gingerbread house (let’s call it a mansion instead) along with a small gingerbread village surrounding it located in the lobby area. There is even an “angry bird” as a village resident.

It is quite impressive.

It must have been installed sometime today, as both the concierge and doorman whom I talked to as I was leaving knew nothing about it. But they both came with me to check it out as they were intrigued by what I described to them. I assume it probably was one (or more) of the chefs that works at the hotel.

If you happen to be in the area, it is well worth a visit. As long as one of the kids (or maybe a big kid or two) doesn’t pinch some of the candies off one of the houses.

Someone obviously had a lot of fun playing with that food.


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