Alberta Craft Council Gallery opening soon in Calgary

Alberta Craft Gallery open soon sign

Earlier tonight, Tuesday March 21, I visited the not quite open, King Edward School Arts Incubator in the residential community of South Calgary.

Although some tenants have moved in, or are in the process of moving in, the building itself is still a work in progress. It is not fully occupied, and/or because of that it is generally not open to the public. There is still visible drywall mud, unpainted walls, unfinished fixturing, and small bits and pieces that show that there is still much to do.

Having said that. there is limited access to the building this week, which I plan to post about as soon as I am able considering my work commitments. 

However, the reason for this post, is to inform others that the Alberta Craft Council is finally coming to Calgary.

They have been trying to get the right place for I would think, probably at least a decade, or certainly getting close to it, if not. I am going from memory here, I believe they even signed a lease on a space about five years ago, and then it fell through. For whatever reason, the right space has been out of reach, until now.

Whenever I make a trip to Edmonton, if I am able, I try to make a point of visiting their place just off Jasper Avenue near the Legislature Buildings. There is always interesting things to view and wonderful (and usually affordable) gifts for oneself and  others.

I am quite excited to see that they now will soon have a presence in Calgary. This should be considered a positive step for those making crafts in the city It will bring an awareness of craft that is presently missing for the most part. It should also be a positive step for patrons as well, who until now have only had a small selection of craft-based work to chose from.

I am sure that I will write more once they are open.

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