Old stuff for a new year

Why do I have this feeling of being like St. John the Baptist wailing in the wilderness. . .

What do I see today when I look further to other recent Calgary Public Library blog posts? Yet another posting in the month of December 2013, this time on the Calgary Natural History Society and the Calgary Public Museum – both which are a significant and integral part of my self-funded, independent research that I have focused on nearly full-time for the past couple years.

Finally. Finally it is as if someone is actually paying attention to what I have been working on for the past very, very long time. You have no idea how long, but rest assured it is a long, long time.

I note that there is a significant factual error in this article that has been given prominence of place. In the grand scheme of things it is a relatively minor error. It is one that I made as well early on and it took me quite a while to figure out. For a very strong hint, look at the pictures and use the available information at hand to find your way.

This is an important and timely project that should have been partially funded by Calgary 2012, especially looking back in retrospect and given what is happening in the city now. But apparently only people like Harry Sanders to whom I remember telling about the incineration incident featured in this blog post about a year ago, were actually paying attention.

Here is to hoping that others will finally pay attention as well.