One Sweet Event

BeakerheadPopUp (1024x683)

First thing this morning, when the sun was barely up, I hopped in my DeLorean to check out the “most amazing convergence of art, science and engineering.”  At the end of the block, before the flux capacitor had kicked in, I noticed a harmless crew of fellows drinking a big bottle of Gibson’s Finest Sterling rye whisky straight out of the bottle.  I knew it would be a day worthy of note as a result.

When I got to my destination to check out the “pop-up” breakfast located on the west tower plaza of Suncor Energy Centre, I was welcomed by a lovely lab assistant.  She then told me of the amazing things to be seen at Beakerhead this weekend – and gave me a “pop-up breakfast.”

Beakerhead is a brand new festival in Calgary.

There will be a number of events throughout the weekend.  See for a full list of events or get the Beakerhead partner app at on your mobile device which will provide a listing of all the events that are happening in this weekend.

I am sure I will be back with more about this “most amazing convergence of art, science and engineering.”