Visible progress on the old Art Central site


I am guessing that it has been quite some time since I last posted something on this site. It could very well be about a year and quite possibly even longer.

In the past, I have referenced the history and destruction of the former Art Central location and the new Telus Sky building that is being erected on that site.

The external demolition of the building began at some point during November 2014. And the actual excavation began in early March 2015. Excavation was contin  ual until they reached total depth of 28.8 metres. As reported by David Parker in the 26 May 2015 issue of the Calgary Herald,this was the deepest hole in Calgary’s history.  To do this a ‘clam digger’ was brought in to facilitate the big dig until 14 Decemher 2015 when the contractor started the pour for the foundation slab. The hole was so deep that it was impossible to see the bottom of it from the Calgary Tower observation deck.

This all brings things forward to today.


This past May, only a few weeks ago, construction had progressed to fill the hole and bring it to ground level. Today I was walking past and snapped this photo which shows progress since that time. It shows that the elevator shaft is now a story or two above ground level.

From the main photo, it is also possible to see that Brookfield Place, the current tallest building in the city, has reached total height and they are now finishing up the external glazing.