The last dance of Uptown 7th



Last shadow dance at Uptown 7th / 125 – 7 Avenue SW / Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 19:30

Two nights ago as I waited for the train at the 1st Street SW C-Train station, I happened upon an experience I have encountered periodically over the past couple of years. Only this time it was slightly different, because it involved only one dancer instead of the usual two.

A single fellow stepped out of the door and walked to the street in front of the building. As he was doing this, a lone female started a slow dance that only lasted a couple minutes, while he stood outside and took photos of the dancing shadows.

Unknown to the two involved, I also took a couple photos as well.

Although the dancing is not noticeable in this photo, I like the dialogue of the passing businessman who was trying to pass quickly and unnoticed like a latecomer to the ballet.

I see symmetry between the picture above and everything that has happened on this section of the street these past few years.

  • The businessman is like the passing trains and the passengers who ride the trains. The passengers may catch a passing glance of what is going on as they quickly pass by or possible they may not even notice at all.
  • The photographer is like the C-Train passengers waiting on the platform across the street, waiting for the ride to wherever they are going and silently watch the performance.
  • The dancer, like the activity that often takes place in these buildings, which still proceeds regardless of whether anyone is paying attention or not.

As I took the few photos, a young attractive Latina woman came up and stood right beside me. She joined in and also took a few photos as well. Moments later, a young Oriental girl joined us. The three of us who all had never met each other before, watched the silent dance all within each other’s personal space on a largely empty platform. We were bound together, by this unexpected performance that passed in the night, just as quickly as it began. We continued to stand in close proximity to each other, and continue a small conversation that ended when the next train arrived and we each went our separate ways.

It is these types of moments in the life of a city, that are special unplanned moments that remind us of our humanity and how even in a cold and largely unwelcoming city, there are those small moments of warmth, personal and emotional connection with others.

When I returned from my appointment, maybe an hour or two later, the sheet in the window had been removed. It was now noticeable that the packing had began in earnest.

I lift a glass to those unexpected moments of joy and surprise that brightened both my days and nights (and I am sure others too) while we waited for the next train to arrive or as we passed by.

So long and farewell. Thank you.


On that note, I leave you with this song, Paradise Circus by Massive Attack.




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